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We remind you that you can participate in AgroReS 2024 with an oral or poster presentation for which you previously submitted an abstract that was positively reviewed and accepted for publication in the Book of Abstracts of AgroReS 2024. Paper submission is optional for participants. If authors decide to submit the paper, they have two options for publishing: the Proceedings of AgroReS 2024 or scientific journal Agro-knowledge Journal (Agroznanje). In both options, the papers must be prepared according to the Guide for Authors which can be downloaded on the following links:

  1. Guide for Authors: Book of Proceedings
  2. Guide for Authors: Agro-knowledge Journal

For more information on publishing your submitted abstracts and papers, please visit our page Publishing.

Authors are kindly requested to submit abstracts or papers via the Submission form available on this page. Before submitting, we advise you to read the Instructions for submission.

Instructions for submission

First, you enter the title of your abstract or paper, and then you select the appropriate thematic field to which you will assign it and check if the student is the presenting author.

Then, you provide information about all authors and the corresponding author: first and last name, title, affiliation, and e-mail address. Use the button Add Another Author to open a new box to enter information for the next author and the button Remove Author to delete an unnecessary box.

In the next step, you choose whether to submit an abstract or a paper. If you checked the paper, you will have to decide whether to submit for publication in the Proceedings of AgroReS 2024 or in the Agro-knowledge Journal. Also, you will choose your type of presentation: oral or poster.

Entering abstract and keywords is a mandatory step for all participants. You can type the abstract text directly or copy and paste it into the appropriate box within the Submission form. We kindly ask authors to follow abstract guidelines:

  • abstract is written in English,
  • abstract contains a maximum of 300 words,
  • aim, material and method, results and conclusion are clearly communicated,
  • citations, tables, graphs and images are not permitted in abstract,
  • three to five keywords are recommended.

Only participants who decided to submit a paper, in the next step should upload a paper as Word file (.doc or .docx). Use the button Browse to upload the paper from your computer to the Submission form. The upload has been completed successfully if you see the title of the file in the Submission form. We remind you that paper submitted for publication in Proceedings or Agro-knowledge Journal should be prepared according to Guide for Authors or it will be returned to the authors.

In the last two steps, you have the option to request a pro forma invoice for payment of the registration fee or visa for entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. You also have the option to leave a comment.

The submission process is complete when the button Send submission change color to green, and you will successfully complete the submission process by clicking this green button.

If you are submitting two or more abstracts or papers, you will repeat this submission process for each abstract or paper.

The contact author will receive an automatic notification by e-mail about the successfully submitted abstract or paper.


If you have any problems filling the Submission form, please email us at:

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Students are obligated to bring proof of their student status at the Symposium.


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