Dear registered participants of the symposium AgroReS 2020,

We hope that you are all well and that you successfully overcome the new challenges caused by the worldwide COVID19 pandemic. We wish you to stay healthy, out of range of the virus, which is now a priority.

The IX AgroReS 2020 Scientific Symposium (scheduled for May 21-23) is postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic emergency. If the conditions are fulfilled for safe assembly and travels, we will organize a symposium in the first half of September, about which you will be notified via the website and on your e-mail address. We expect that after the current isolation, we will all want to socialize and even more prefer the gatherings that enable it for us.

All completed registrations and paid fees for AgroReS 2020 will also be valid for the new term.

Delaying the symposium gives additional time for authors who have submitted only abstracts to convert them into complete papers which they can submit in the same manner as they did for submitting abstracts (via until June 30, to allow sufficient time for reviewing process.

Wishing and hoping that we would still gather this year for the planned occasion,

AgroReS 2020 Organizing Committee.


Organizational Committee AgroReS 2020

  1. Dr Željko Vaško, president,
  2. Dr Mihajlo Marković,
  3. Dr Aleksandar Ostojić,
  4. Dr Miljan Cvetković,
  5. Dr Siniša Mitrić,
  6. Dr Nebojša Savić,
  7. Dr Zoran Maličević,
  8. Dr Biljana Rogić,
  9. Dr Borut Bosančić,
  10. Mr Dragan Brković,
  11. Tanja Krmpot, MA,
  12. Milan Šipka, MA,
  13. Mladen Babić, BSc. Agric.
  14. Danijela Kuruzović,
  15. Biljana Uletilović.

Scientific Committee AgroReS 2020:

  1. Dr Novo Pržulj, president (BiH),
  2. Dr Đorđe Moravčević (Serbia),
  3. Dr Ilija Komljenović (BiH),
  4. Dr Mladen Todorović (Italy),
  5. Dr Ana Marjanović-Jeromela (Serbia),
  6. Dr Vladimi Meglič (Slovenia),
  7. Dr Zlatan Kovačević (BiH),
  8. Dr Alban Ibrailu (Albania),
  9. Dr Dragana Šunjka (Serbia),
  10. Dr Snježana Hrnčić (Montenegro),
  11. Dr Ivica Đalović (Serbia),
  12. Dr Geza Bujdoso (Hungary),
  13. Dr Adrian Asanica (Romania),
  14. Dr Klime Beleski (North Macedonia),
  15. Dr Miljan Cvetković (BiH),
  16. Dr Sezai Erkisli (Turkey),
  17. Dr Gordana Đurić (BiH),
  18. Dr Duška Delić (BiH),
  19. Dr Jelena Čukanović (Serbia),
  20. Dr Daniel Falta (Czech Republic),
  21. Dr Vesna Gantner (Criatia),
  22. Dr Milan Marković (Montenegro),
  23. Dr Milanak Drinić (BiH),
  24. Dr Božo Važić (BiH),
  25. Dr Stoja Jotanović (BiH),
  26. Dr Zoran Marković (Serbia),
  27. Dr Flitz Kutluyer (Turkey),
  28. Dr Mehmet Kocabas (Turkey),
  29. Dr Branislav Galik (Slovakia),
  30. Dr Andrei Jean-Vasile (Romania),
  31. Dr Hrabrin Bašev (Bulgaria),
  32. Dr Emil Erjavec (Slovenia),
  33. Dr Nebojša Novković (Serbia),
  34. Dr Zorica Vasiljević (Serbia),
  35. Dr Aleksandra Martinovska-Stojčeska (North Macedonia),
  36. Dr Atila Jambor (Humgary),
  37. Dr Vesna Mrdalj (BiH),
  38. Dr Kathryn Boys (USA),
  39. Dr Hamid El Bilali (Italy).D

Honorary Committee AgroReS 2020:

  1. Mr Srđan Rajčević, Minister of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Republic of Srpska;
  2. Dr Boris Pašalić, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska;
  3. Mirko Ćurić, Mayor of the City of Trebinje;
  4. Dr Radoslav Gajanin, Rector of the University of Banja Luka;
  5. Dr Zlatan Kovačević, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka;
  6. Dr Emil Erjavec, Dean of Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana;
  7. Dr Wilhelm Pflanz, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences;
  8. Dr Bogdan Stepien, dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science;
  9. Dr Nedeljko Tica, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad;
  10. Dr Božidarka Marković, Dean of Biotechnical Faculty, University of Montenegro;
  11. Dr Pavel Ryant, Dean of Faculty of AgriSciences, Mendel University in Brno;
  12. Dr Marko Gutalj, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of East Sarajevo;
  13. Dr Maurizio Raeli, Director of Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari;
  14. Dr Vojislav Trkulja, Director of Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Srpska;
  15. Dr Marina Radun, Acting Director of the Institute of Genetic Resources of the Republic of Srpska;
  16. Dr Svetlana Balešević Tubić, Director of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad;
  17. Dr Andrei Jean-Vasile, Director/Scientific Coordinator, RebResNet Scientific Network;
  18. Jasenko Nedinić, BSc, Agric., President of Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Engineers of the Republic of Srpska.


Abstract submission is done electronically by entering data about the authors, their affiliation and text of abstract on the website of the Symposium. The abstract should include: title, author names, author’s affiliation, e-mail of the contact author, text of abstract and keywords.

Submission of papers is done electronically by uploading the text of the paper on the Symposium website. The paper should include: title, authors' names, their affiliations, e-mail of the contact author, abstract, keywords and text of the paper written according to the IMRAD approach (introduction, material and method, research results and discussion), conclusion, literature review and alternatively attachments.

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