Dear registered participants of the symposium AgroReS 2020,

We hope that you are all well and that you successfully overcome the new challenges caused by the worldwide COVID19 pandemic. We wish you to stay healthy, out of range of the virus, which is now a priority.

The IX AgroReS 2020 Scientific Symposium (scheduled for May 21-23) is postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic emergency. If the conditions are fulfilled for safe assembly and travels, we will organize a symposium in the first half of September, about which you will be notified via the website and on your e-mail address. We expect that after the current isolation, we will all want to socialize and even more prefer the gatherings that enable it for us.

All completed registrations and paid fees for AgroReS 2020 will also be valid for the new term.

Delaying the symposium gives additional time for authors who have submitted only abstracts to convert them into complete papers which they can submit in the same manner as they did for submitting abstracts (via until June 30, to allow sufficient time for reviewing process.

Wishing and hoping that we would still gather this year for the planned occasion,

AgroReS 2020 Organizing Committee.


Thematic field 1
Crop Science (cereals; fodder plants; industrial plants; plant breeding and seed production; plant protection, organic production; genetic resources; land and water management; etc.).
Thematic field 2
Horticulture (fruit growing; viticulture and enology; vegetable growing; medical and aromatic plants; decorative plants; plant breeding and nursery production; plant protection; organic production; genetic resources; etc.).
Thematic field 3
Animal production (livestock breeding; aquaculture; apiculture; animal nutrition; animal breeding; hunting; veterinary sciences; organic production; genetic resources; etc.)
Thematic field 4
Agricultural Economics and Rural Development (agricultural policy; agricultural economics; marketing; agromanagement; agricultural financing and insurance; rural and regional development; food self-sufficiency, climate change adaptation; etc.)


Abstract submission is done electronically by entering data about the authors, their affiliation and text of abstract on the website of the Symposium. The abstract should include: title, author names, author’s affiliation, e-mail of the contact author, text of abstract and keywords.

Submission of papers is done electronically by uploading the text of the paper on the Symposium website. The paper should include: title, authors' names, their affiliations, e-mail of the contact author, abstract, keywords and text of the paper written according to the IMRAD approach (introduction, material and method, research results and discussion), conclusion, literature review and alternatively attachments.


The Faculty of Agriculture with its associates organizes IX International Symposium on Agricultural Sciences, from May 21st to 23th 2020. Each participant can register as an active participant, author/co-author and exhibitor of one or more papers, or as a passive participant without presentation.

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